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"A true Renaissance man who has continued to reinvent himself time after time."

- Brooks Museum

With a career that has spanned four decades and traversed more than a million miles, versatile singer-songwriter Jimmy Davis is the literal embodiment of the much too often used term "troubadour".  This Memphis, Tennessee native musician, who first graced local stages at age 9, brings an infectious enthusiam to every performance.


Jimmy Davis' songs have been recorded by Martina McBride, Restless Heart, Tommy Alverson, Reba Russell, Walt Wilkins, as well as a myri​ad of other recording artists.  As a backing vocalist, Jimmy has lent his extensive vocal talents to projects by numerous recording artists including, The North Mississippi Allstars, Jim Dickinson, Johnny Lang, Bernie Leadon, Keith Sykes, Michael Hearne, Toy Caldwell, Susan Marshall, Mark Collie and William Lee Golden.  It's Jimmy's warmth, charisma and talent as a writer - perform

In the early 1980's Jimmy began touring with the country recording artist, Charly McClain, as a rhythm guitar player and backing vocalist.  In 1987, Jimmy Davis & Junction signed with MTV's QMI/MCA record label.  The band's first release "Kick the Wall" yielded a top 40 AOR hit and a hit MTV Video.  Junction was renowned for their live performances, and their songs took the band on a wild, rock and roll ride around the world. 


Photo Credit: Annie Leibowitz (1987)

Aching to get back to his roots, Jimmy, headed back to Memphis in 1995 and had the pleasure of hooking up with some of his old buddies, The Riverbluff Clan, a rocking bluegrass outfit from the 70’s. With Jimmy on lead vocals and guitar, the band released two critically-acclaimed independent albums, in 1996, "One Night In A Month of Sunday's" and 1998, "Two Quarts Low" an Americana Top 20 record.  Jimmy was named “Premier Male Vocalist” five times by the Memphis chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and was well loved by local audiences.


In 2001, he recorded a solo album with all original music and lyrics, titled “Jimmy Daddy’s Acoustic Song List". 2006 brought his best selling “Campfire Songs,” which is a 25-year collection of songs and ballads written around his travels.  The release of his third solo album, “BEAGLES: The Blue Album” in 2008, featured Jimmy writing, singing, engineering, and playing all the instruments.  In 2009, he release “Jimmy Daddy’s Acoustic Song List Volume II.” 2015 brought another round of home demo's with  "BEAGLES: In The Country".

During this time, Jimmy made his home in the Hill Country near Austin, Texas. He joined Walt Wilkins in his critically acclaimed group The Mystiqueros, and spent over a decade recording and touring with the band. They recorded several albums together, and while they no longer tour, the band remains a beloved part of the Texas music zeitgeist.


After more than a decade in Texas, Jimmy has returned to his hometown of Memphis with an invigorated passion for crafting new music and touring. Embracing the future with enthusiasm, he's reconnecting with his roots, poised for the next chapter of his musical journey. The next chapter of the Jimmy Davis story is about to be the most interesting one yet.

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